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Breast Lift

10 Min everyday to KEEP YOUR BREASTS YOUNG, effective moves to lift your chest LEVEL 1 | Hana Milly

How I lift my breasts up 4cm in 7 days, intense workout to give your bustline a natural lift

Secrets to prevent sagging breasts, skin tightening, lift & firm up in 3 week challenge | Hana Milly

7 Days REDUCE SAGGING, round lifted breasts, firm up bust-line, glowing skin. Intense workout

Reduce Cup

Complete workout to reduce oversized breasts in 3 weeks, lift & firm up skin for perkier shape

Complete workout to reduce oversized breasts in 3 weeks, lift &tighten skin for firm perkier shape

EASY exercises to REDUCE heavy cups in 3 weeks, lift & firm up sagging, glowing skin, no jumping

EASY EXERCISES to reduce oversized breasts, lift sagging, tighten skin for firm perkier shape

Grow Cup

Round lifted boobs, grow chest muscles, reduce sagging, glowing skin, intense workout with dumbbells

Sexy upper body in 20 days part 2 (HARDER), bra bulge, upper back, upper abs with dumbbells & band

FILL UP YOUR CUPS, dumbbells workout to get fuller cup sizes in 30 days, repeat this 2 rounds

Keep your boobs FIRM & PERKY! does uneven breasts matter? standing dumbbell upper body workout

Upper Body

7 Days SLIM ARMS, lose bra bulge, armpit fat, sculpt shoulder lines &collarbone areas

Get beautiful upper body! shoulders, arms, chest, breasts. Dumbbell workout at home | HanaMilly

14 Days to beautiful shoulders, slender neck & arms, defined collarbone areas🔥

REDUCE broad shoulders, GROW side booty, harmonize inverted triangle shape in 30 days, no jumping


Hourglass abs in 30 days, lose muffin top & love handles, get rid of back fat, no squats/lunges

LOSE HANGING BELLY BULGE standing workout🔥 full body fat loss, no jumping/ squat/ lunge

Lose belly fat workout in bed, flat stomach smaller waist. 5 Min daily results will surprise you

7 Day SMALL WAIST flat belly workout in bed, tighten core & mid-section, morning + evening routine

Booty & Thighs

LOSE THIGH FAT, HIP FAT, reduce cellulite in 14 day challenge! all standing exercises, no jumping

8 MUST DO booty band exercises to grow bubble butt (not thighs), no squats/ lunges, no jumpings

Do this in bed for 14 days to LOSE THIGH FAT, HIP FAT, burn saddlebags & cellulite, pearshape sculpt

LOSE SADDLEBAGS HIP FAT. NO squats/jumping/lunges. Apartment friendly workout to burn outer thighs

Full Body

ROUND BOOTY, SMALL WAIST - HOURGLASS WORKOUT 7 day challenge - Valentine’s day program DAY 3/7

EASY & EFFECTIVE full body standing with intense abs burn! beginner knee friendly, no equipment

2 WEEK HOURGLASS BODY challenge, 30 min full body sculpt, no jumping, squat/lunge. Summer program

LOSE BELLY FAT in 2 weeks🔥20 min intense full body standing cardio for weight loss, no squat/ lunge


HOW TO GROW TALLER, 10 min workout &stretch routine to increase height. Legs &back sculpt

Walking workout with easy steps, standing abs for overweight beginners. No jumping, no squat/ lunge

LOSE BELLY BULGE easy standing lower abs, tighten core & mid-section, daily routine no jumping

PCOS DO &DON’T TO LOSE WEIGHT, 20 min fast walking workout to burn belly fat | Hana Milly

20 Minutes +

Lose hanging lower belly fat in 30 days, intense full body standing for weight loss, no squat/ lunge

20 Min NON STOP STANDING ABS, burn belly fat, reduce bloating in 7 days, knee friendly, no jumping

LOSE WEIGHT IN 2 WEEKS🔥32 min standing abs & cardio, burn belly fat, get slim waist (beginner)

Lose belly fat & muffin top, get HOURGLASS ABS in 14 day standing workout🔥30 min no squats/lunges

Dumbbells & Bands

Round Lifted Boobs 10 min in 10 days challenge, intense workout with light dumbbells/ water bottles

Get your DREAM BODY in 30 days! full body sculpt with dumbbells, chest, abs, booty, legs

Grow bubble butt, curvier hips, smaller waist. HOURGLASS WORKOUT 7 day challenge - DAY 5/7

6 PACK ABS standing dumbbell workout, flatten lower belly, tighten core &midsection | Hana Milly

Warmup & Stretch

10 Min Full Body Stretch for Sore Muscles &Tension Relief, Beginner Friendly

Full body WARM UP routine, reduce muscles soreness, avoid injury. Do this before workouts

Do this after booty workouts to loosen up your tight glutes for faster results! part 5

INTENSE STRETCH for longer legs, slimmer thighs. FIX bow legs &knock knees